1. CSS Container Queries (Size)

    Size queries in Container Queries provide a way to query the size of a container, and conditionally apply CSS to the content of that container.

  2. CSS Container Style Queries

    Style queries in Container Queries provide a way to query the current styling of a container, and conditionally apply additional CSS to the contents of that container.

  3. CSS Container Query Units

    Container Query Units specify a length relative to the dimensions of a query container. The units include: `cqw`, `cqh`, `cqi`, `cqb`, `cqmin`, and `cqmax`.

  4. CSS Containment

    The CSS `contain` property lets developers limit the scope of the browser's styles, layout and paint work for faster and more efficient rendering.

  5. domstringlist api: contains

  6. domtokenlist api: contains

  7. node api: contains

  8. selection api: containsnode

  9. taskattributiontiming api: containerid

  10. taskattributiontiming api: containername

  11. taskattributiontiming api: containersrc

  12. taskattributiontiming api: containertype

  13. css at-rule: `@container`

  14. css property: background-size: contain

  15. css property: contain

  16. css property: contain-intrinsic-block-size

  17. css property: contain-intrinsic-block-size: none

  18. css property: contain-intrinsic-height

  19. css property: contain-intrinsic-height: none

  20. css property: contain-intrinsic-inline-size

  21. css property: contain-intrinsic-inline-size: none

  22. css property: contain-intrinsic-size

  23. css property: contain-intrinsic-size: `auto none` value

  24. css property: contain-intrinsic-size: none

  25. css property: contain-intrinsic-width

  26. css property: contain-intrinsic-width: none

  27. css property: container

  28. css property: container-name

  29. css property: container-name: none

  30. css property: container-type

  31. css property: container-type: inline-size

  32. css property: container-type: normal

  33. css property: container-type: size

  34. css property: contain: content

  35. css property: contain: inline-size

  36. css property: contain: layout

  37. css property: contain: none

  38. css property: contain: paint

  39. css property: contain: size

  40. css property: contain: strict

  41. css property: contain: style

  42. css property: object-fit: contain

  43. css property: overscroll-behavior-block: contain

  44. css property: overscroll-behavior-inline: contain

  45. css property: overscroll-behavior-x: contain

  46. css property: overscroll-behavior-y: contain

  47. css property: overscroll-behavior: contain

  48. css property: user-select: contain

  49. types: `<length>`: container query length units `cqw`, `cqh`, `cqi`, `cqb`, `cqmin`, `cqmax`

  50. javascript built-in: intl: segments: containing