1. CSS Container Queries (Size)

    Size queries in Container Queries provide a way to query the size of a container, and conditionally apply CSS to the content of that container.

  2. CSS Container Query Units

    Container Query Units specify a length relative to the dimensions of a query container. The units include: `cqw`, `cqh`, `cqi`, `cqb`, `cqmin`, and `cqmax`.

  3. CSS overscroll-behavior

    CSS property to control the behavior when the scroll position of a scroll container reaches the edge of the scrollport.

  4. CSS @scroll-timeline

    CSS property that allows animations to be driven by a container's scroll position

  5. gap property for Flexbox

    `gap` for flexbox containers to create gaps/gutters between flex items

  6. display: flow-root

    The element generates a block container box, and lays out its contents using flow layout. It always establishes a new block formatting context for its contents. It provides a better solution to the most use cases of the "clearfix" hack.

  7. Ogg Vorbis audio format

    Vorbis is a free and open source audio format, most commonly used with the Ogg container.

  8. abstractrange api: endcontainer

  9. abstractrange api: startcontainer

  10. credentialscontainer api

  11. credentialscontainer api: create

  12. credentialscontainer api: get

  13. credentialscontainer api: get: `identity` option

  14. credentialscontainer api: preventsilentaccess

  15. credentialscontainer api: store

  16. csscontainerrule api

  17. range api: commonancestorcontainer

  18. range api: endcontainer

  19. range api: startcontainer

  20. serviceworkercontainer api

  21. serviceworkercontainer api: controller

  22. serviceworkercontainer api: `controllerchange` event

  23. serviceworkercontainer api: `error` event

  24. serviceworkercontainer api: getregistration

  25. serviceworkercontainer api: getregistrations

  26. serviceworkercontainer api: `messageerror` event

  27. serviceworkercontainer api: `message` event

  28. serviceworkercontainer api: ready

  29. serviceworkercontainer api: register

  30. serviceworkercontainer api: startmessages

  31. staticrange api: endcontainer

  32. staticrange api: startcontainer

  33. taskattributiontiming api: containerid

  34. taskattributiontiming api: containername

  35. taskattributiontiming api: containersrc

  36. taskattributiontiming api: containertype

  37. css at-rule: `@container`

  38. css property: container

  39. css property: container-name

  40. css property: container-type

  41. css property: display: `ruby`, `ruby-base`, `ruby-base-container`, `ruby-text`, and `ruby-text-container`

  42. css property: position: table elements as `sticky` positioning containers

  43. types: `<length>`: container query length units `cqw`, `cqh`, `cqi`, `cqb`, `cqmin`, `cqmax`