1. :dir() CSS pseudo-class

    Matches elements based on their directionality. `:dir(ltr)` matches elements which are Left-to-Right. `:dir(rtl)` matches elements which are Right-to-Left.

  2. CSS writing-mode property

    Property to define whether lines of text are laid out horizontally or vertically and the direction in which blocks progress.

  3. CSS Flexible Box Layout Module

    Method of positioning elements in horizontal or vertical stacks. Support includes all properties prefixed with `flex`, as well as `display: flex`, `display: inline-flex`, `align-content`, `align-items`, `align-self`, `justify-content` and `order`.

  4. Directory selection from file input

    The `webkitdirectory` attribute on the `<input type="file">` element allows entire directory with file contents (and any subdirectories) to be selected.

  5. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: direction

  6. console api: dir

  7. console api: dirxml

  8. directoryentrysync api

  9. directoryreadersync api

  10. document api: dir

  11. filesystemdirectoryentry api

  12. filesystemdirectoryentry api: createreader

  13. filesystemdirectoryentry api: getdirectory

  14. filesystemdirectoryentry api: getfile

  15. filesystemdirectoryhandle api

  16. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: entries

  17. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: keys

  18. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: removeentry

  19. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: resolve

  20. filesystemdirectoryhandle api: values

  21. filesystemdirectoryreader api

  22. filesystemdirectoryreader api: readentries

  23. fragmentdirective api

  24. htmldirectoryelement api

  25. htmldirectoryelement api: compact

  26. htmlelement api: dir

  27. htmlinputelement api: dirname

  28. htmlmarqueeelement api: direction

  29. htmltextareaelement api: dirname

  30. idbcursor api: direction

  31. notification api: dir

  32. offscreencanvasrenderingcontext2d api: direction

  33. request api: redirect

  34. rtcpeerconnection api: addtransceiver: `init.direction` parameter

  35. rtcrtptransceiver api: direction

  36. usbendpoint api: direction

  37. xrray api: direction

  38. css property: animation-direction

  39. css property: animation-direction: `alternate-reverse`

  40. css property: animation-direction: `reverse`

  41. css property: box-direction

  42. css property: direction

  43. css property: flex-direction

  44. types: `<easing-function>`: `steps()` with `start`, `end` or no direction

  45. html element: dir

  46. html element: dir: compact

  47. html element: input: dirname

  48. html element: marquee: direction

  49. html element: textarea: dirname

  50. html attribute: dir