1. Fetch

    A modern replacement for XMLHttpRequest.

  2. Resource Hints: dns-prefetch

    Gives a hint to the browser to perform a DNS lookup in the background to improve performance. This is indicated using `<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="https://example.com/">`

  3. Resource Hints: prefetch

    Informs the browsers that a given resource should be prefetched so it can be loaded more quickly. This is indicated using `<link rel="prefetch" href="(url)">`

  4. backgroundfetchevent api

  5. backgroundfetchevent api: registration

  6. backgroundfetchmanager api

  7. backgroundfetchmanager api: fetch

  8. backgroundfetchmanager api: get

  9. backgroundfetchmanager api: getids

  10. backgroundfetchrecord api

  11. backgroundfetchrecord api: request

  12. backgroundfetchrecord api: responseready

  13. backgroundfetchregistration api

  14. backgroundfetchregistration api: abort

  15. backgroundfetchregistration api: id

  16. backgroundfetchregistration api: match

  17. backgroundfetchregistration api: result

  18. backgroundfetchupdateuievent api

  19. fetch api

  20. fetchevent api

  21. fetchevent api: clientid

  22. fetchevent api: `fetchevent()` constructor

  23. fetchevent api: handled

  24. fetchevent api: isreload

  25. fetchevent api: preloadresponse

  26. fetchevent api: replacesclientid

  27. fetchevent api: request

  28. fetchevent api: respondwith

  29. fetchevent api: respondwith: `networkerror` thrown if the request mode is `same-origin` and the response type is `cors`

  30. fetchevent api: respondwith: change in behavior when specifying the final url of a resource.

  31. fetchevent api: resultingclientid

  32. fetch api: support for blob: and data:

  33. fetch api: `init.keepalive` parameter

  34. fetch api: `init.referrerpolicy` parameter

  35. fetch api: `init.signal` parameter

  36. fetch api: available in workers

  37. htmlimageelement api: fetchpriority

  38. htmllinkelement api: fetchpriority

  39. htmlscriptelement api: fetchpriority

  40. performanceresourcetiming api: fetchstart

  41. performancetiming api: fetchstart

  42. serviceworkerglobalscope api: `fetch` event

  43. html element: iframe: fetchpriority

  44. html element: img: fetchpriority

  45. html element: link: fetchpriority

  46. html element: script: fetchpriority

  47. headers http header: sec-fetch-dest

  48. headers http header: sec-fetch-mode

  49. headers http header: sec-fetch-site

  50. headers http header: sec-fetch-user