1. CSS overflow-anchor (Scroll Anchoring)

    Changes in DOM elements above the visible region of a scrolling box can result in the page moving while the user is in the middle of consuming the content. By default, the value of `overflow-anchor` is `auto`, it can mitigate this jarring user experience by keeping track of the position of an anchor node and adjusting the scroll offset accordingly

  2. CSS overscroll-behavior

    CSS property to control the behavior when the scroll position of a scroll container reaches the edge of the scrollport.

  3. CSS Scroll-behavior

    Method of specifying the scrolling behavior for a scrolling box, when scrolling happens due to navigation or CSSOM scrolling APIs.

  4. CSS @scroll-timeline

    CSS property that allows animations to be driven by a container's scroll position

  5. CSS scrollbar styling

    Methods of styling scrollbars' color and width.

  6. CSS Scroll Snap

    CSS technique that allows customizable scrolling experiences like pagination of carousels by setting defined snap positions.

  7. document.scrollingElement

    `document.scrollingElement` refers to the element that scrolls the document.

  8. Scroll methods on elements (scroll, scrollTo, scrollBy)

    Methods to change the scroll position of an element. Similar to setting `scrollTop` & `scrollLeft` properties, but also allows options to be passed to define the scroll behavior.

  9. scrollIntoView

    The `Element.scrollIntoView()` method scrolls the current element into the visible area of the browser window. Parameters can be provided to set the position inside the visible area as well as whether scrolling should be instant or smooth.

  10. Element.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded()

    If the element is fully within the visible area of the viewport, it does nothing. Otherwise, the element is scrolled into view. A proprietary variant of the standard `Element.scrollIntoView()` method.

  11. URL Scroll-To-Text Fragment

    URL fragment that defines a piece of text to be scrolled into view and highlighted.

  12. element api: scroll

  13. element api: scrollby

  14. element api: scrollby: `options.top` parameter

  15. element api: scrollheight

  16. element api: scrollintoview

  17. element api: scrollintoviewifneeded

  18. element api: scrollleft

  19. element api: scrollleftmax

  20. element api: scrollto

  21. element api: scrolltop

  22. element api: scrolltopmax

  23. element api: scrollwidth

  24. element api: scroll: `options.left` parameter

  25. element api: scroll: `options.top` parameter

  26. history api: scrollrestoration

  27. scrolltimeline api

  28. scrolltimeline api: axis

  29. scrolltimeline api: source

  30. window api: scroll

  31. window api: scrollbars

  32. window api: scrollby

  33. window api: scrollbylines

  34. window api: scrollbypages

  35. window api: scrollby: `options.behavior` parameter

  36. window api: scrollby: `options.left` parameter

  37. window api: scrollby: `options.top` parameter

  38. window api: scrollmaxx

  39. window api: scrollmaxy

  40. window api: scrollto

  41. window api: scrollto: `options.behavior` parameter

  42. window api: scrollto: `options.left` parameter

  43. window api: scrollto: `options.top` parameter

  44. window api: scrollx

  45. window api: scrollx: subpixel precision

  46. window api: scrolly

  47. window api: scrolly: subpixel precision

  48. window api: scroll: `options.behavior` parameter

  49. window api: scroll: `options.left` parameter

  50. window api: scroll: `options.top` parameter