1. CSS line-clamp

    CSS property that will contain text to a given amount of lines when used in combination with `display: -webkit-box`. It will end with ellipsis when `text-overflow: ellipsis` is included.

  2. CSS math functions min(), max() and clamp()

    More advanced mathematical expressions in addition to `calc()`

  3. Typed Arrays

    JavaScript typed arrays provide a mechanism for accessing raw binary data much more efficiently. Includes: `Int8Array`, `Uint8Array`, `Uint8ClampedArray`, `Int16Array`, `Uint16Array`, `Int32Array`, `Uint32Array`, `Float32Array` & `Float64Array`

  4. cssmathclamp api

  5. cssmathclamp api: `cssmathclamp()` constructor

  6. cssmathclamp api: lower

  7. cssmathclamp api: upper

  8. cssmathclamp api: value

  9. mlgraphbuilder api: clamp

  10. css property: line-clamp

  11. css property: line-clamp: none

  12. types: `clamp()`

  13. javascript built-in: uint8clampedarray

  14. javascript built-in: uint8clampedarray: `uint8clampedarray()` constructor

  15. javascript built-in: uint8clampedarray: `uint8clampedarray()` constructor: constructor without parameters

  16. javascript built-in: uint8clampedarray: `uint8clampedarray()` constructor: `new uint8clampedarray(iterable)`

  17. css max-lines property