1. AAC audio file format

    Advanced Audio Coding format, designed to be the successor format to MP3, with generally better sound quality.

  2. File API

    Method of manipulating file objects in web applications client-side, as well as programmatically selecting them and accessing their data.

  3. FileReader API

    Method of reading the contents of a File or Blob object into memory

  4. FileReaderSync

    Allows files to be read synchronously in Web Workers

  5. Filesystem & FileWriter API

    Method of reading and writing files to a sandboxed file system.

  6. accept attribute for file input

    Allows a filter to be defined for what type of files a user may pick with from an `<input type="file">` dialog

  7. Directory selection from file input

    The `webkitdirectory` attribute on the `<input type="file">` element allows entire directory with file contents (and any subdirectories) to be selected.

  8. Multiple file selection

    Allows users to select multiple files in the file picker.

  9. File System Access API

    API for manipulating files in the device's local file system (not in a sandbox).

  10. file api

  11. fileentrysync api

  12. filelist api

  13. filelist api: item

  14. filelist api: length

  15. filereader api

  16. filereadersync api

  17. filereader api: abort

  18. filereader api: `abort` event

  19. filereader api: error

  20. filereader api: `error` event

  21. filereader api: `load` event

  22. filereader api: readasdataurl

  23. filereader api: readastext

  24. filereader api: readystate

  25. filereader api: result

  26. filesystem api

  27. filesystemdirectoryentry api

  28. filesystemdirectoryhandle api

  29. filesystemdirectoryreader api

  30. filesystementry api

  31. filesystementry api: copyto

  32. filesystementry api: fullpath

  33. filesystementry api: moveto

  34. filesystementry api: name

  35. filesystementry api: remove

  36. filesystementry api: tourl

  37. filesystemhandle api

  38. filesystemhandle api: kind

  39. filesystemhandle api: move

  40. filesystemhandle api: name

  41. filesystemhandle api: remove

  42. filesystemsync api

  43. filesystemsync api: name

  44. filesystemsync api: root

  45. filesystem api: name

  46. filesystem api: root

  47. file api: lastmodified

  48. file api: lastmodifieddate

  49. file api: name

  50. file api: webkitrelativepath