1. Session history management

    Method of manipulating the user's browser's session history in JavaScript using `history.pushState`, `history.replaceState` and the `popstate` event.

  2. Push API

    API to allow messages to be pushed from a server to a browser, even when the site isn't focused or even open in the browser.

  3. history api: pushstate

  4. history api: pushstate: whether the `unused` parameter is used

  5. permissions api: `push` permission

  6. pushevent api

  7. pushevent api: data

  8. pushevent api: `pushevent()` constructor

  9. pushmanager api

  10. pushmanager api: getsubscription

  11. pushmanager api: haspermission

  12. pushmanager api: permissionstate

  13. pushmanager api: register

  14. pushmanager api: registrations

  15. pushmanager api: subscribe

  16. pushmanager api: supportedcontentencodings

  17. pushmanager api: unregister

  18. pushmanager api: available in workers

  19. pushmessagedata api

  20. pushmessagedata api: arraybuffer

  21. pushmessagedata api: blob

  22. pushmessagedata api: json

  23. pushmessagedata api: text

  24. pushsubscription api

  25. pushsubscriptionchangeevent api

  26. pushsubscriptionchangeevent api: newsubscription

  27. pushsubscriptionchangeevent api: oldsubscription

  28. pushsubscriptionchangeevent api: `pushsubscriptionchangeevent()` constructor

  29. pushsubscriptionoptions api

  30. pushsubscriptionoptions api: applicationserverkey

  31. pushsubscriptionoptions api: uservisibleonly

  32. pushsubscription api: endpoint

  33. pushsubscription api: expirationtime

  34. pushsubscription api: `getkey()`

  35. pushsubscription api: options

  36. pushsubscription api: subscriptionid

  37. pushsubscription api: `tojson()`

  38. pushsubscription api: `unsubscribe()`

  39. serviceworkerglobalscope api: `pushsubscriptionchange` event

  40. serviceworkerglobalscope api: `push` event

  41. serviceworkerregistration api: pushmanager

  42. css property: appearance: `<compat-auto>` (compatibility values `searchfield`, `textarea`, `push-button`, `slider-horizontal`, `checkbox`, `radio`, `square-button`, `menulist`, `listbox`, `meter`, `progress-bar`, `button`)

  43. javascript built-in: array: push