1. :has() CSS relational pseudo-class

    Select elements containing specific content. For example, `a:has(img)` selects all `<a>` elements that contain an `<img>` child.

  2. rel=noopener

    Ensure new browsing contexts are opened without a useful `window.opener`

  3. relList (DOMTokenList)

    Method of easily manipulating rel attribute values on elements, using the DOMTokenList object (similar to classList).

  4. attr api: ownerelement

  5. document api: releasecapture

  6. document api: releaseevents

  7. htmlareaelement api: rel

  8. htmlareaelement api: rellist

  9. htmlbrelement api

  10. htmlformelement api: rel

  11. htmlformelement api: rellist

  12. htmlhrelement api

  13. htmlhrelement api: align

  14. htmlhrelement api: color

  15. htmlhrelement api: size

  16. htmlhrelement api: width

  17. htmllinkelement api: rel

  18. htmllinkelement api: rellist

  19. htmlmeterelement api

  20. htmlmeterelement api: high

  21. htmlmeterelement api: low

  22. htmlmeterelement api: min

  23. location api: reload

  24. navigation api: reload

  25. rtcdatachannel api: reliable

  26. svgaelement api: rel

  27. svgaelement api: rellist

  28. svgcursorelement api

  29. svgfefuncrelement api

  30. svgfilterelement api

  31. svgfilterelement api: height

  32. svgfilterelement api: href

  33. svgfilterelement api: width

  34. svgfilterelement api: x

  35. svgfilterelement api: y

  36. window api: releaseevents

  37. html element: area: `target="_blank"` implies `rel="noopener"` behavior

  38. html element: area: rel

  39. html element: area: rel: noopener

  40. html element: area: rel: noreferrer

  41. html element: a: `target="_blank"` implies `rel="noopener"` behavior

  42. html element: a: rel

  43. html element: a: rel: noopener

  44. html element: a: rel: noreferrer

  45. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: format

  46. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: formattoparts

  47. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: `relativetimeformat()` constructor

  48. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: resolvedoptions

  49. javascript built-in: intl: relativetimeformat: supportedlocalesof

  50. svg element: a: rel